“There are so many reasons in your life to be happy and so much to be grateful for”

Welcome to the 21st episode of The In Alignment Podcast, this episode is about living your life to its fullest potential and how to do this by setting morning intentions.

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I felt inspired to record a podcast episode after my yoga practice, so in this episode I am sitting down to chat with you guys, still out of breath and full of energy. I speak about crying in yoga and share more about my life, how I have been at rock bottom and not wanting to live, yet I got through it and how we all can get through it. We can find so many reasons in our life to be happy, if only we take a moment to pause and look for all the good stuff.

I talk about perspective and how sometimes we are all stuck in our heads a little too much. I share some stories from my own life about this.

I then go on to explain my new ‘morning intentions‘ – how I am using creative visualisation every morning to manifest the best day possible. I am sharing this because I really do think it is life changing if you can take it on board and into your own life, we have the power to take each day to create something truly amazing out of our lives.

This has been a shorter episode of the podcast, so please let me know which you prefer! Thank you as always for listening, I am so so so grateful to you all. Every single person who takes the time to listen to my podcast I appreciate you. If you could find time to rate and review this podcast that would also be immensely helpful for me. Much love and speak to you all next time.


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