I am writing today because this is the start of a new chapter in my life and I want to share it with you all. Yesterday I qualified as a yoga teacher. I have been training for the past 7 months and so this was quite a big deal for me. Even writing these words now is making my heart beat in anticipation and excitement. I cannot believe the journey I have had. It has honestly been incredible.

Yesterday was a filled day of celebration and I learnt a lot about myself in just one day. We all taught a public yoga class in the studio and when I was up there teaching I felt as though I truly came into myself- I was fully expressed, in the moment, and teaching with the BIGGEST smile on my face. I love it so much. When I was up there teaching it reminded me why I wanted to teach in the first place. When I am teaching and I can see the students smiling back at me it is honestly the best feeling in the world. When everyone breaths together and I get to control the energy in the room I feel as though we are all creating something really powerful together, and I get to be part of that. Something I have learnt along my journey of teacher training is how important community is. I have never thought much about community. I always actually thought that I was a bit of a loner and preferred a solitary life, but now I know that that is not the case. Community is so so so important for our wellbeing and happiness. Having people in your life who support you no matter what is just crucial if you want to go all the way and achieve your dreams. We like to think that we can do it alone, but I do not think we can. We are so much more powerful when we stand together and support each other, it is then that the magic happens.

I felt disconnect to the other people in my group when I first started. They were all 10 or 20 years older than me and I felt like such an outsider. I felt too young. I felt naive. I didn’t feel intelligent enough or successful enough or rich enough compared to all these other people. But I have realised that none of that matters. We are all human. Whatever your age, or gender, or race, or job, or house, or anything else, we are all HUMAN! When I let go of thinking about ages and I just connected with these people I got to know them on a deeper level and I know I have made some lifelong friends. It doesn’t matter that these people are older than me. That doesn’t matter at all. I think we have to let go of our differences and expectations when it comes to friendships, and just love the other people for who they are, rather than focusing on the things that separate us. This is what I have learnt and it gives me hope because I know wherever I am in the world and whoever I meet, I will always have friends.

So my journey is beginning. Next week I am going on a vipassana for 10 days of meditation, and then when I am back I am going to hit the ground running. I am going to jump fully into my life and put all my energy into making the things happen that I want to happen. I am not going to have any limits. Nothing is going to stop me. I am so excited for this.

We were all laying in savasana yesterday after a hard yoga practice and Jason the studio owner put on this music that had someone talking about life I guess. I don’t know what the song was, otherwise I would love to share it with you guys, but it gave me shivers. Even now thinking about it part of me wants to cry. The man in the song was saying: whatever you choose to do, go all the way. It was so simple but how true. Whatever we choose to do in life, lets go all the way. Why stop part way, because what is the point of that? We can go all the way and we can create everything we want and achieve all of our dreams. It is so bloody possible.

I am going to finish on that note. The biggest thing that I have taken away from these part 7 months of yoga teacher training is that anything is possible. This is what I have learnt.

It is all possible. 

and you know why?

Because each one of us is limitless.


Ps here is me receiving my certificate!


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