I do yoga everyday. This means that I tend to get through a lot of yoga pants. For the past year I have only owned 3 pairs of yoga leggings, and because I have been washing these so much and wearing them constantly (even when I am not doing yoga) they are kind of ready to be replaced..

I have had a hard time finding a good ethical brand to support. I want good quality yoga pants, but also not too expensive, but also ethical! Is this too much to ask? I didn’t think so, yet I still couldn’t find anything..

Until I came across this brand.. Teeki is kind of awesome. Their leggings are just the best, they have cool prints and are also so so sustainable:

they are made from recycled plastic


ethically made in the US (so no child labour/ bad working conditions)


When I heard this I was so excited and it kind of blew my mind. From then on I knew that I would be 100% supporting this awesome brand.



Other brands I love are: Indigo Luna (ethically made eco-conscious yoga and swim ware), HARA (organic bamboo underwear) or Bohemian Island (for hippie yoga pants).


Obviously all opinions are my own and I just want to say that this page is not sponsored, I am simply sharing with you the ethical brands that I love!




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