Something that has completely changed my life and my way of thinking is MINIMALISM. 

Before I heard about minimalism I was obsessed with buying clothes; I spent a lot of time (and money) looking for my self worth in the newest pair of jeans or the most fashionable top. I constantly compared myself to others and was never happy, all because I was looking to external objects to fill that gap I had within myself.

This week I have recorded a whole podcast episode on my minimalism journey, I explain what it was like to be stuck in that rut of buying new clothes every weekend and how I came out of it. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud.

This episode is all about WHY I AM A MINIMALIST (and how you can be too). It is great for people who are new to the subject/ interested and what to know the first steps.

I start off by explaining my minimalism journey.. I explain how I used to look for happiness and self worth in objects, specifically new clothes, so I would buy stuff the whole time but this never made me happy. Luckily I stopped buying new things when I started saving money to go travelling and I realised how I didn’t actually need all these objects in my life.. Fast forward a few years and I am here today with all of my stuff easily fitting in one suitcase!

I then go on to speak about the (personal) reasons exactly WHY I AM A MINIMALIST:

1. Stuff makes me anxious
2. Minimalism is better for the environment and more ethical
3. You save SO MUCH money
4. Because I have realised that objects do not make me happy
5. Because I really really appreciate the few items that I do have, and I prefer to live this way!


– Cluttered room = cluttered mind
– Because a minimalist room / apartment looks WAY nicer
– Less stress!

I talk about this book, called GOODBYE THINGS! It really helped me to find out more about minimalism and inspired me to go the extra step getting rid of my stuff.. It is full of useful tips and beautiful pictures, I would definitely recommend you check it out!

These are some other amazing books on minimalism that I indirectly reference in the podcast:
SPARK JOY by Marie Kondo




The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo






The Abundance of Less by Andy Couturier






(If you want to be a true minimalist you can listen to the books on Audible, if you click HERE and sign up you can get 30 days for free and your first book FREE!)

I finally go on to speak about HOW YOU CAN BE A MINIMALIST:

1. Stop buying new things
2. Start donating / selling the things that you don’t use / don’t like
3. Next step is to let go of things that don’t bring JOY into your life

As I say in the introduction, I am really just scratching the surface of the topic in this episode, so it is a good place to start but definitely does not cover EVERYTHING, I will do another episode going a little deeper, but for now I hope this has been helpful!

I will also say that this is all personal choice, I am not telling you what to do, I am simply sharing my experiences and thoughts:)

Thank you so much to everyone who has listened to this podcast, I am super super grateful. Big love


Check out some of my favourite resources and links below:

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and I think I’m going to have to ear mark this article so I can refer back to it often. I never thought about it until I read your article but minimalism is definitely synonymous with self love. When you truly see your worth for what it truly is, you love yourself enough to not try to mask insecurities with things. I consider myself a minimalist as well. I like nice things, but I no longer feel the need to buy them on impulse.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I think you summarise what I am saying perfectly! Yes it is nice not to have that attachment and yet still appreciate having nice things in your life. Much love!

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