Let’s Talk About FOOD WASTE.

Today I want to talk about food waste. Did you know that one third of all food gets wasted!? Can we let that fact sink in for a moment, one whole third of all food on this planet gets wasted..

And whilst we are wasting this food, one in nine people are going hungry. We are literally throwing food away whilst there are people out there starving. Not even just people in Africa or South East Asia where we might expect, there are also people in our own towns, cities and country that cannot afford to feed themselves.

I find all of this heartbreaking and a little bit shocking. I didn’t realise that the figure was so high. I did not realise that whilst I am here at home surrounded by an abundance of food, some people still have to go without.

Maybe this was naive of me, but I think that the food waste problem is so well hidden that we can easily turn a blind eye and dismiss it. We think that we are doing our bit, and we think that throwing away stale bread or an uneaten sandwich is ok because hey we don’t do this everyday. But we forget that all this food adds up and by the end of the year we have wasted on average £2000 of our well earned cash because we are throwing food in the bin.

This problem goes on outside our homes as well. I work part time in a cafe, and when I first started working there the amount of waste shocked me. Everyday fresh salads and sandwiches were being chucked in the bin because no one had bought them. I started collecting this stuff and trying to hand it out to homeless people, just because it broke my heart to see it discarded.

All cafes, all restaurants, all supermarkets throw food in the bin everyday. For them it is unavoidable. There is hope and in recent years the waste has been getting better. There are new apps like too good to go where you can buy the left over food for a discounted price, or supermarkets now donate a lot of their waste to food banks, but it still isn’t enough! We have to talk about this more, to bring the problem into the light so that it can be resolved on every level. We also have to make sure that we are doing our bit, so that we are not the problem and that way, adding each individual together, we will be able to make a difference.

Today I just wanted to open up the conversation about food waste. I want to start this debate. All of this is only scratching the surface, in fact I don’t think it has even made a scratch- there is so much more to discuss and so much more that goes on that we all don’t know about.

I am going to research this more, to dig a little deeper, and come back with another blog post on food waste in more detail. For now if you are interested in this subject like I am and want to know more then I recommend these books:

   Food waste by David Evans

  Waste: Uncovering the global food scandal by Tristram Stuart

   Swallow this by Joanna Blythman

   Too good to waste by Victoria Glass

   Zero waste home by Be a Johnson 

I think food waste is something that we can easily reduce, much easier than plastic which is pretty unavoidable these days, and we can instantly have such a positive impact on our lives by reducing our food waste. Not only do we save loads of money, but we also save the planet. It is very win win. So let’s talk more about this, let’s keep the conversation going!

I will be back very soon with another blog post to discuss this in more detail. Please let me know your opinions, thoughts, what you have to say on this topic. I am interested to hear your views and any tips you have for reducing food waste! Let me know below.


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  1. Awful isn’t it? I always feel guilty when I throw anything away becaue I know how bad the problem is. I think we’re just not really taught how to manage a pantry/kitchen. I regularly feel like I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen!

    1. Yes I completely agree, its so difficult sometimes, but I guess having an awareness about the whole problem is the first step!

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