Something that I am learning in my life, and I have been learning and learning again constantly, is that the secret is acceptance.. 

What does this mean? This means that when you feel negative, when you wake up and feel like shit, just feel how you feel.. accept how you feel and in this acceptance your negative feelings will naturally dissolve.

Whenever I resist what I am feeling, I am resisting the present moment, and in this resistance I multiply whatever I am feeling, I make it 10 times worse because I have an aversion to it. But when I can sit with the feeling and just accept it, then it magically disappears.

This is the theme of my podcast this week. I am speaking all about change, fears, acceptance and impermanence. You can check out the episode HERE on Soundcloud and HERE on iTunes.

I start off by discussing the question DO WE EVER CHANGE? Sometimes I feel very different and yet I don’t think I have actually changed. I think that sometimes we are changing the surface level, yet not getting any deeper, so the moment we are thrown back into an old situation/scenario we end up reacting exactly the same and we can feel frustrated at this. The solution I come too is that we need to change on a much deeper level. It is like weeding a garden- you need to pull out the roots, if you keep just snipping the leaves then the weeds will grow back, but when you pull out the roots you completely remove the weed and it cannot return.

Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.. 

What about fears? Can we get rid of those?

In the episode I share some stories of how fears have held me back in life and how I have overcome them and learnt from these situations. I ask the question: Do we want to let fears hold us back? 

I have found a solution to fears which works well in my own life- this is to be kind to yourself! Acknowledge your fears then you can work with them and eventually move past them so that they are not impacting your life. Know that suppression NEVER works! I have learnt this (many times) in my own life and I think it is worth saying- never suppress your feelings! Try to sit with your feelings and you can realise in this space that actually they don’t hold as much power over you as you thought, when you realise this they will naturally dissolve in your ACCEPTANCE.

I have realised that the important thing is NOT TO REACT. 

I have realised a few pretty other life changing things in the course of this 30 minute podcast episode:

The secret is acceptance. 

Feel what you feel. 

I am currently reading Women Food and God, and it has been this book that has helped me to come to a lot of these realisations. Geneen Roth, the author, speaks a lot about problems. She says that a lot of the time we close our eyes to the problem and ignore it- but this does not solve the problem! I have realised this in my own life, and through reading this book I have been more aware of how I use food to distract me from my problems, rather than addressing them.

I realised (whilst I was recording the podcast) that sometimes you don’t need to find a solution to any given problem. All that is needed is awareness and acceptance, that is all you can do and it will make the ‘problem’ a million times better. (Although I know this is a lot easier said than done.)

Finally, in the podcast episode I speak about some of the Buddhist teachings that I learnt on my Vipassana and how we can use these to change our life. The most important one and the one I am trying to incorporate into my own life is the teaching of impermanence.. ‘this too shall pass’.

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