Be here, Now

This morning I woke up

and I was already going a million miles an hour.

I jumped out of bed and took the dog for a walk

I unpacked and then repacked

I tidied up and rampaged round the house looking for things to do.

And then I remembered to breathe…


I sat down to meditate

I had to force myself to sit

For some reason I just couldn’t be still


But in that stillness, sat quietly on my bedroom floor, I found peace

I heard my family waking, and I heard the birds outside

I felt the sun creeping through the window to touch my skin

I felt my breath and I felt myself come back to the present moment.


After 30 minutes of sitting I felt so grateful to have taken the time

to just be.

Sometimes we are go go go, yet are we really here when we are rushing so much?


I like being busy, I like being productive,

Sometimes I really have to force myself to sit and meditate everyday

Yet each time I do, I come back to myself

I feel the sensations on my body and I feel the fact that I am alive 

I remember to be grateful and I remember to smile.


Take time each day to be present

Take time each day to be aware

Take time each day in silence


Be here, Now










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