I wanted to talk about being introverted, because it is something that I feel we don’t often  discuss. Many times in my life I have felt ashamed or frustrated that I am introverted, and wished that I could be different. But through learning to accept who I am I have been able to deal with all my limitations and find peace with who I am.

This week on my podcast I have been speaking all about being introverted. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud!


It was Carl Yung who first developed the concept of introversion and extraversion. He came up with the theory that each of us falls into a category, introverts focusing more on the internal world, and extraverts on the external.

I love Carl Yung and have thoroughly enjoyed reading some of his books (Memories, dreams and reflections was my favourite) but I wanted to question this idea that it is so black and white. I do not believe that you can just put human beings into a box and label them. We are all so much more complex than that. I believe that we are all a percentage of the two, in certain situations we might be more introverted and others extraverted. I don’t think that we are 100% one or the other, and I do believe that if we want to change it is possible to do that.

I have seen it in myself. As I grow as a human being, I am starting to become more extraverted. Social situations fuel me with energy, whereas in the past they depleted me. All change is possible and we are fluid beings, never to be defined by a label or stuck in a box.


Introverted people…

  • Focus on the internal world
  • They usually prefer solitary activities
  • Get exhausted/ depleted by social interaction
  • Need time alone to recharge
  • Tend to be more sensitive to external stimulation (sound, light, smell)

Extraverted people… 

  • Focus on the external world
  • Prefer group activities
  • Are energised and filled up by social interaction
  • Tend to be more enthusiastic and excited

I wanted to add here, that these are just generalisations they are not the hard truth! Some of these things I can identify with on both lists. I see myself as an introvert, valuing time alone, yet I am also very enthusiastic and excited about everything! So you don’t have to be one or the other, it is possible to be a mixture of both.



Elon Musk

Gandalf (from lord of the rings)

Vladamir Putin

Bill Gates


Nelson Mandela

Jon Snow (from game of thrones)

Johnny Depp

Julia Roberts


Tom Cruise

Michael Jackson

Michael Jordan

Britney Spears

This is just to name a few! The point here is that being an introverted person is not going to make you less successful, or popular. and it doesn’t limit you from being in the spotlight if that is what you choose. There are many people out there who are introverted and we can’t even tell! It is merely a way which we view the world, it is not how we have to act and who we have to be.


  1. Awareness is the first step- be aware of who you are and how social situations make you feel
  2. Accept who you are. Don’t wish you could be any different, make peace with yourself
  3. Know that you are not less superior if you are introverted, you are not less of a human being. There is no better personality type. You are perfect as you are
  4. If you are introverted and know this, give yourself time alone to recharge. Meditate or go for a walk alone, then you can come back to a social situation fuelled and full of energy to interact with everyone
  5. Fake everything you want to have until it comes to you naturally. I do this with confidence, faking confidence for me is the quickest way to get it
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself, and know that no one is judging you for who you are



Being introverted is not bad. You are not weird, or awkward or a loner if you are introverted. It is simply how you interact with your surroundings and what gives you energy, nothing to put too much weight or importance on.

Accept who you are, and then work on improving your limitations, step by step. Don’t feel like you should change who you are, but if you want to change, know that that is possible.




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