“You’ve got to let go” 

These were the words I heard last night, and the exact ones that I needed to hear.

I was at a yoga class. The teacher (and also my good friend) asked me if I could drop back from camel into wheel. I said that I had never done it before but I would give it a go.

I took a deep breath and readied myself. I brought my hands together at my heart centre and proceeded to drop back, opening my heart and thus opening up myself to the world. I felt vulnerable and scared. I got halfway and then came back up. The voice in my head was saying you can’t do this.

I tried a second time. I got further, I placed my hands on the floor, but I couldn’t do the final transition. I fell out.

“You’ve got to let go.”

These were the words of Eva, the teacher. She said I just have to let go.

I took another deep breath, closed my eyes and dropped back. I placed my hands on the ground, lifted my knees and I was in wheel. I had done it.


Without letting go I would not have got into that pose. It felt emotional to me. Like I had taken a big big weight from my shoulders, and I was finally free to move in this way.


I do have to let go. I realised that I am embarking on a big new chapter in my life. Yet part of me is still clinging to the safety of the old one. I am scared to take the next step, yet how can I take it if I refuse to lift my foot off the floor.

I let go in my yoga practice that night and I was able to do something that I have never done before.

I am now choosing to let go in my life. I am letting go and I am going to trust with all my heart and just drop back into life. I will let it take me where it wants to go. I will close my eyes and open my heart and trust that it will all work out.


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