Maybe pain is there to help us grow.

Its purpose is to push us beyond our limits, beyond what we conceive as possible, and beyond what we think we are capable of…



What if ‘pain’ was not a negative thing.

What if it were actually a secret door to the other side?

A door to possibility, a door to realisations and growth.



Welcoming pain into our life does not seem natural. No one wants to be in pain. From a young age, adults try to protect us from pain, they are doing their best to keep us safe, but maybe this isn’t so helpful in the long run…


Like anything else, pain can be a great teacher. It can be a mirror, to reflect the truth back at us.




So I do not believe we should fear pain.

Maybe the only thing to do is to remember that this too shall pass. 







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    1. I am glad you made it through it. Yes all these moments happen for a reason. Much love!

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