Recently I shared a blog post called you’ve got to let go

This was very personal to me, something that I felt was deeply impacting my life, changing its course, and helping me to grow.

The words “you’ve got to let go” have been bouncing around my head all of this week.

There are echoing, fading, yet are still there and still want to be heard.

That is why this week I also recorded a podcast episode speaking about this. On the podcast I am able to go into more detail then writing, to me it feels more intimate and I feel as though I can be fully expressed.

Right now I feel as though I am embarking on a new chapter in my life (in 1 month I fly to Hawaii to live there for 3 months..) yet I am still clinging to the old. I know that is because I am scared to let go, and yet the final push to release all attachments is taking me longer than I thought.

“Let go of the old to make space for the new” 

I know this, yet it isn’t always that easy..



Currently I am reading HOW TO KNOW GOD, a translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It is the second time I am reading the sutras and this time I am learning so much more that can be applied to my life. I also speak about all of this in the podcast and describe a little what I have learned about the workings of the mind:

The mind has three parts- the observing mind; the judging mind; and the reacting mind.

We are all stuck reacting, stuck in our egos, and this makes us unhappy. The secret to a happy life is to stop reacting and start ACTING. This is how we can life our lives fully and be fully responsible, thus to live our most fullest life possible.

We need to live as a CAUSE, not an EFFECT. 

Finally in the podcast episode, I came to the conclusion that everything always turns out ok. I think we all could do with remembering this. Maybe it will make things easier.

Much love, as always

and Namaste.



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