these moments

It is the tiny moments in life

when the world seems to stop still

and the moment feels





Looking out of the window tonight

the sky was so beautiful it made me think that

I don’t want to miss any of these moments.

I only have one month left in London

so I am going to enjoy (and be present for)

as much of it as I can.




In that moment

this evening

I felt overwhelmingly


and at peace.

I felt a kind of happiness

wash over me

which I haven’t felt in a long while.




Recently I have been very stuck in the real world

the everyday ups and downs

of life.

They are minuscule in comparison to anything else

but still requires effort from me

to process all of these emotions.




So this break

even for a split second

of feeling uttermost bliss

really makes it all

worth while.

If every time

I looked out the window

I felt that

I would be a very happy





It felt as though nothing mattered.

Nothing in the past

nothing in the future.

For less than a second

I was immersed in the moment

and it felt good. 




In The Alchemist, Paulo talks about the soul of the world. 

We are all plunged into this

at some time or another

and can all feel the truth:

we know that we are infinite. 




In Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the same thing.

Through meditation she experienced this and finally knew the oldest secret:

that we are all one. 




On some level that is how I felt tonight.

Maybe this will be a tuning point for me

a moment I remember forever.

or maybe not


But it is still a welcome reminder of the peace

and happiness

that is waiting for me

(for all of us)

in this moment


Right Now.






(London skyline, the view from my window)

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