Recently I have been obsessed with Oprah’s SuperSoul Podcast. Maybe I have mentioned this before, but honestly I am kind of in love with her- if I ever need something to inspire and uplift me I just turn on a random episode and it always always does the trick.

Yesterday I was on a 3 hour train journey heading back north to see my family, that meant 3 whole hours of Oprah. One episode in particular really touched me and I want to share that story with you all…

It was about a mother who, on Christmas day, lost her 3 children and both her parents when their house burnt down. It was heartbreaking to hear, but I think the thing that struck me was how brutally vulnerable this women was being. She had totally opened her heart after that tragic accident, instead of closing up like it would of been so easy to do. She was answering all the questions so honestly and authentically and wasn’t afraid of crying openly which I admired.

She began talking about her one regret, and she said all she wished was that she knew then what she knows now. She explained that what she meant by this was that she wished she had been present for all the tiny moments with her children. Wished she had worried less about feeding them organic food. Worried less about working long hours and just spent time with her kids. She wished she hadn’t missed her daughter’s recital… It was the tiny things like that, and her message was really be here now. Be here and don’t miss a single moment of it. 

She said this with almost a sense of urgency to it. Coming from someone who has lost everything I think we can understand why she would be speaking like this, she knows. She truly knows. I don’t think any of us really understand the impermanence of this world until we lose something (or someone) we truly love. Until then it is easy to believe that these things don’t happen, or that they are so far in the future that we don’t have to worry about them..

The harsh reality is that all of this could be gone tomorrow.

Does this scare you? Is this too pessimistic and negative to think about? When you hear this statement does part of you disagree?

I have all those reactions when I think about losing everything tomorrow. I think it is not possible. I think that it is too depressing to think about.

But a sliver of me feels liberated. Liberated to live my life exactly how I want to today. To stop waiting for things- waiting for money, or success, so that I can live my dream life. I actually begin to live it RIGHT NOW.

I think that is all any of us can ever do. Live our lives RIGHT NOW.

It is harder than we think. Our thoughts creep in and we start worrying about tomorrow, but all we have to do is continuously bring ourselves back to the present moment and try again.

Try again to live our lives RIGHT NOW because this is where it is happening.





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