Hello guys, this week on my podcast I am speaking about judging others and how not to care what others think of you.

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This is an important topic for me. For so long I allowed other’s opinions to get in my head and I limited myself because I cared waaaay to much about what they thought. I wasted energy worrying about others, when really I should have just been worrying about myself. My decisions were influenced and I wasn’t living my truest expression of life…

This all changed when I gave up caring about what others thought. Letting go of that has been liberating and freed me up to live my life as I wish. I will admit that I am not perfect at this, I still have bad days where I am self conscious, but the majority of the time I feel free to do as I wish.


I start off this episode by talking about having things in life that make us feel WHOLE- whatever that is for you that lights you up, fills you with passion and excitement and JOY. Follow it! Because when we find that thing that makes us feel whole, we realise that we are all already whole. This is important to remember.

I then move on to discussing JUDGEMENTS:
– Why do we all go around judging each other?
– My realisation about all of my judgements (they are reflections of how I feel about myself)
– How can we move past judgments?

I talk about the book The Soul of Money and how the book says that when we give attention to what we already have, that starts to multiply. This is important because I believe that judgements will subside when we know and feel that we are already whole. And also realise that we are all ONE.

I finally answer the question:
1. Realise that whatever someone else thinks of you is usually a reflection of how they feel about themselves.
2. Know that what others think and say about you is not the truth of who you are.
3. Have a strong sense of yourself, trust in yourself, love yourself and don’t look for approval of others.
4. Let it all go.
5. Realise that we are all stuck in our heads anyway so most people aren’t noticing what you are doing. This frees you up to be yourself!


I finish the podcast by speaking about another book I am currently reading called The 7 Steps to Awakening and read a shot paragraph from the book on ‘thoughts’.

I want to say that I am so so grateful to every single person who listens to my podcast, honestly thank you all so much!!

Much love

and Namaste


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