I will be completely honest with you guys, these past couple of weeks haven’t been easy for me. I have been plagued with doubts and anxious thoughts; in the process forgetting who I am. I don’t know why I have felt like this, but I have been feeling completely meaningless and wanting to know for sure what the purpose of my life is.

With these thoughts swirling around my head I have been feeling down, unmotivated and not happy. I know we all have days (or weeks) like this, times in our life when maybe we don’t have the positive energy that we desire. This is totally ok. Life is a series of ups and downs and acknowledging and accepting the downs is part of life.

This week on my podcast I am talking about how to turn a bad day (or week, or month) around. I felt inspired by my own life, and after a beautiful afternoon in the sun thinking about every single thing I had to be grateful for, I cheered up. I went home to record a podcast episode straight away, knowing that what I was about to share would impact someone out there in some way.

When I go through hard periods of life (like I have recently) I don’t always wake up feeling my best, to combat this I have certain things I do which can instantly turn my day around, I want to share these with you today.

Acknowledge how you are feeling.

If you wake up and feel like shit, acknowledge this. Acknowledgement is always the first step towards changing how you feel, if you are not honest with yourself about how you are feeling in the first place then you won’t be able to change it. Trust me that suppressing your emotions and pushing them deeper never works, they will always surface and if you are hiding them they might surface in a way that you don’t want.. So feel what you feel and allow yourself to feel this.

Look for a reason.

Is there a reason why you are having a bad day, why you have woken up feeling how you feel? There might not be an obvious reason, and if there isn’t then don’t look too hard for one or try to blame something. But if you can find a reason why you feel rubbish then this gives you somewhere to start- you can either accept this or change it. You have the responsibility to make yourself feel happy, so if there is anything in your life which is causing you to feel upset, then you have the power to change it! 

Talk to someone about how you feel.

Sharing always ALWAYS helps. When I have been feeling frustrated and uninspired the past couple of days I have opened up to my mum about it and she has been so helpful. Even if the other person does not give you any advice, merely having them there to listen can be really healing and help you to find the answer for yourself. When you share with someone else you can relate to each other and realise that you are not alone.  


I love writing down exactly how I feel. Sometimes it can be hard to open up to someone else, so writing is the perfect answer. There is no judgement. No criticism. Only space to be completely completely honest and just let go of all the thoughts, all the emotions and anything else. Release it onto the page. After journaling I always feel 100 times better, often I don’t know why, and it has now turned into a spiritual practice for me.


If you wake up and don’t feel right, sometimes moving will help. Any form of movement – whether you choose to go for a run; do yoga; dance like crazy- will shift the stuck energy you have and leave you feeling completely different afterwards. I would recommend moving for at least 15 minutes because that is usually how long is needed to get through the resistance you might be feeling and enjoy yourself.


So movement may work, or it may not. I have found that sometimes movement is not enough for me. I feel better for an hour and then go back to feeling how I felt before. If this happens then I know I need some stillness. Stillness and peace just to sit with how I am feeling and all my thoughts and allow them to be. I guess in stillness there is acceptance. We stop trying so hard to change how we feel and we are just still and quiet, in this space often our mood changes naturally simply because we have given it the acceptance that it needed.


This is my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE way to change my day. I use gratitude ALL THE TIME to change how I am feeling and immediately put a smile on my face. Stop right now and list 10 THINGS you have to be grateful for. Say them OUT LOUD. By the time you have listed the 10th reason I can guarantee that you feel less negative, less stress, more at peace and maybe have a tiny piece of knowledge that everything in your life is ok and everything is going to be ok.


Remember that tomorrow is a new day. Even if today has gone completely shit and everything went wrong, know that tomorrow can (and will) be better.

I hope this helps you in any way. If you are feeling down, remember that we all feel like that and go through periods of our life which aren’t as good as others, but they do all pass. It gets better, I promise.

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I love you all



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