Last year I read The chimp paradox by Steve Peters: a renowned psychiatrist and coach to the British cycling team. Now, whilst this is a very scientific book, I found something deeply spiritual within it and actually very in tune with other yoga and Buddhist teachings.

I am reminded of this now because I have just been flicking through my little notebook of insights that I have, and the page that it is opened on right now was inspired by The chimp paradox.

To be truly happy in life we need to be living in alignment with our truest self. We need to make sure that our values and actions line up, so that we no longer feel conflicted. This is really the whole theme behind my podcast and a subject that I am deeply passionate about, purely because when started to live in alignment my whole life changed.


How can we do this?


How can we re-align ourselves?


Steve Peters writes that we should first figure out our values, so that we can then live each day according to them. He calls it your stone of life:

We each have a ‘stone of life’ and it is comprised of our ‘truth’, our values and our ‘life force’. Let me explain…


Our truth is what we believe to be true in the world, it is how we see the external world.

Our values are what we value most in ourself and others.

Our life force is what we live each day by, almost a mantra.


Here is mine:

My truth…


My values… 

are kindness, positivity, honesty, confidence (just to name a few)

My life force… 

is “seize the day”

make your life count

live each day to its fullest potential.



Can you see how aligning your life with this ‘stone of life’ might change everything?

When we line up with all these positive points, we choose how we are going to see the world, how we are going to show up and how we are going to live each day. If we can do this then we can really make each day count and get closer to living our best possible life.

I recommend that you try to find your own stone of life. What makes your heart skip a beat? What gives you goosebumps? How do you want to live each day?

We have full freedom over this, we totally get to choose what is on our stone, as long as we feel it resonating somewhere within us then we know it is personal and true to who we are.

Choose your best stone and then you can choose to live your best life. Showing up as your best self and making a difference in this world.

This is all any of us can do.




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