how can we be happy?

“The only place we can be happy is Right Now.”

Hi guys, I have just recorded another episode of The In Alignment Podcast and I wanted to share it with you all. If you are interested in listing to my podcast you can check it out on iTunes or Soundcloud. I appreciate all the support and everyone who listens (thank you)!

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In this episode I am speaking about happiness, helping others and compassion.

Firstly I start off this episode by sharing a story from my life: I explain how yesterday a homeless girl came into the cafe where I work at, and what started off as offering her coffee and cake turned into the police getting involved to take her away… This experience made me feel deeply upset and I wanted to talk about it because it impacted me and I thought I could share the lessons and insights I gained from it.


I ask the question: How can we help? Help the people we see on the street; those less fortunate then ourselves; or just friends and family. I share my mantra which is “may I be happy so that I may share my happiness with others.” I talk about filling up our own cup first so that we can help others and ask whether this is selfish.



I come to the conclusion that to help others to the best of our abilities we must first be happy with ourselves and in our own life, but how can we achieve this? Becoming present is the most important thing. When we are present we are here for the tiny moments and can feel grateful for them. We can do this by constantly reminding ourselves to be present and return to the present moment as much as we can.



When do you feel most alive?
This may point you in an interesting direction, and you can see if there is correlation between this and being present.


Finally, I end the podcast by tying it all together, talking about being present so that we can change our reality, and how when we are helping others the big solution is really just COMPASSION.

I hope you all enjoy this episode. Let me know what you think and please rate and review this podcast as that is super helpful for me! I am really grateful to everyone who listens, thank you all so much! much love


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