Today I think I want to talk about fulfilment.

I don’t really know why.. but as I sat down to write this blog post the word just popped into my head and now I really can’t get it out, so I am going to give in to my thoughts and write about this perplexing topic: fulfilment.


First lets try an exercise. What comes up for you when you hear the word fulfilment? What images come to mind? What do you picture yourself doing?

When I think about fulfilment I imaging myself living a long, healthy life surrounded by the people I love. I am living somewhere where there is nature all around me, and I feel fulfilled by the abundance of love in my life. There really isn’t anything else too it.

If you would have asked me the same questions only last week then my answer probably would have looked a little different: the ‘image’ of the ‘fulfilled me’ would include her: starting her own charity; building a yoga studio; teaching retreats all across the globe; raising three children; and even rescuing a little dog..

These two ‘ideas’ about fulfilment look entirely different. One is my heart speaking and the other is my ego.


Last night my boyfriend was on the phone to his family and they told him that back where we are from (in Cumbria) there was a car crash and someone we knew from school (who was 20 by the way) died in this crash.

This was a shock to both of us.

Even though we didn’t know the boy that well, it is still shocking because he was our age and so, so young and is suddenly dead. It is so finite. Irreversible. It is not an accident that he can undo, death is done..


This was what initially got me thinking about the idea of fulfilment. Car crashes are sadly very common, especially in Cumbria which I think has the highest rate of car fatalities in the UK, and so I started wondering if I were to die tomorrow would I feel fulfilled with the life I had lead so far…

I realised that no, I wouldn’t really.

Fulfilment to me is growing old. It is leading a normal life but being happy. I realised that I wouldn’t be disappointed that I didn’t get to go to Hawaii; or hike for 90 days in the Himalayas; or cage dive with sharks… These things on my bucket list that I so long to do seem meaningless when they are compared to spending a lifetime with family. If I were to die tomorrow I would be sad that I didn’t get to grow old and spend each day on this planet filled up with love and sharing that love with everyone I knew..


The purpose of me writing this today, I think, is really to question our ideas of fulfilment. In our society we have this idea that we have to do more to be more, but is that really true?  Do you think that if you spend your life doing, and doing, and doing, are you going to feel fulfilled? Does doing make you successful? Does it make you happy?

Do less. Be more.

Be more. Do less.

Just BE.

We can feel fulfilled when we feel alive. It doesn’t take you to get a university degree; become a CEO; or make $1 million to feel alive. All it takes is for you to be present in this moment right now. 

This is the secret that no one tells you. It is what society doesn’t want you to know. Society wants you to do and do and do until you cannot do anymore, then you have fulfilled your use for society – you have made them money and conformed and made someone at the top extremely happy. But no one says that it is ok just to be. Actually it is in the being where we find our fulfilment. No where else.


I invite you to question your own views about fulfilment. Question what is going to make you happy. Ask yourself what is the one thing you want to accomplish in this lifetime?

and allow yourself to be. maybe remove some of the pressure to be something, and instead just be. 

much love



I want to say thank you so much to anyone who has read to the end of this blog post. I love you. I would also love to hear your views on this, so please comment whatever thoughts come to mind, or you can go say hi to me on my Instagram @rosa_prosser

If you are interested in this topic then I totally recommend reading Osho. I find his views refreshing and he is all about stepping out of society just to be who you are. Out of his books, I have read, and recommend, these two (below):

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