I am alive.

I am sat at home right now, on the grass, breathing in the fresh air, and for the first time, I feel completely alive… 


I think ‘alive’ is the right word to use.. It encompasses so many other things; within that one word there is hidden an infinite amount of potential.


When I say ‘I feel alive’ what I am trying to express is the excitement I feel; the freedom; the happiness overflowing from within me.

In this moment of feeling alive I can feel the wind on my skin; the sun on my feet; I can hear the life all around..


I feel human.

I feel infinite.

I feel real… 


All of these emotions and experiences are all part of our aliveness. We are multidimensional; so much more than we know.


I feel as though this moment is the beginning; the middle; and also maybe the end of something as well. I can feel myself saying goodbye to my former shadow and hello to this new, vibrant being.


I feel as though I have woken up from a long sleep and I finally feel ready for the day ahead. I have missed so much but in this moment I know that I am not going to miss any more. I am going to be here for every moment, alive for every single day of my life.


I can see the possibilities within myself; the possibilities within all of us.

We are infinite.


I can feel expansion.

I can feel new found space…


This is the feeling of being alive.


That is who we are.

We are life.

We are alive.


Open your eyes and breathe in. Breathe in life. and remember that you are life. you are infinite. you are limitless. you are here. 



and so much love

to you all.

i wish you all bliss.

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