Don’t wait to start living the life of your dreams- you can live it RIGHT NOW.

I don’t really know why, but yesterday when I sat down to record a podcast episode the words just started flowing out of my mouth about procrastination..

Now this might not sound like a very ‘spiritual topic’ or in fact interesting, but I have realised that it is something that I am deeply passionate about.


We only live once.

We only get one life (in this body at least).

We cannot have a second attempt at our lives.


Has this sunk in for you?

When I really gave thought to the fact that we do only get one life, something clicked inside of me. I felt inspired. Uplifted. Freed.

I realised that I was wasting so much energy caring about things that did not matter. Like caring what others thought of me; or how much food I had eaten that day; or what to watch on tv.. These are such trivial things, too trivial to even think about, let alone spend time worrying and actually caring about them.

And yet we all live our lives surrounded by our own problems. We create more. We burry ourselves in all this useless drama and I don’t know why. Let me tell you that I am not judging anyone here, I totally have done the same and often continue to do the same, yet now I am waking up to it I want to move on. . .


We live once so we shouldn’t waste our energy on things that don’t matter, because at the end of the day they don’t matter. When you are at the end of your life you are not going to be worrying about what someone said to you when you were 20 or worrying about how you made a fool of yourself in front of those people..  no. you probably won’t even remember those things, so we can save ourselves some time and forget about them NOW.


Yesterday the topic of procrastination was on my mind.. this is something else that resonated with me when I realised that one day I might not be here, on this earth, in this body.. i realised that there was no point waiting do to things: waiting for the right moment; waiting for permission from others; waiting to be ready. I realised that, that day would never come, and we could spend our whole life just waiting. 

No one wants that to happen.

Yet time runs out.

Maybe this is too depressing to think about, but it is true. But let this fact liberate you from waiting and suffering, let is give you permission to live the life of your dreams right now. 



My message to you today, is don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate your life away, because one day you may wake up and realise that there isn’t time left. Don’t put off living your dream life. Don’t wish you had something else, go out there into the world and make it happen… 

It is possible.

It is possible to live your dream life and achieve your dreams and aim for the stars and reach them.. You just have to start right now. This is the best moment to start, don’t wait for tomorrow, because (as we all know) tomorrow never comes…



Here are some affirmations for overcoming procrastination and living your dream life right now: 


I am ready Now

I feel inspired to live my dream life

I am worthy of living my most fullest life

I live every day to its fullest potential

I am reaching my potential

I make the most of every single moment

I honour time

I am already living my dream life

I am infinite



So please don’t wait to live your dream life, you can start right now.. 


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