So I am going away in less than 2 weeks. I am flying to Maui; and then to the Big Island, Hawaii; and then to Australia.. It is going to be quite a trip and I am already overflowing with excitement…

Being a minimalist you would think that I pack light, but I will be completely honest with you guys and admit that I am the. worst. packer. (ever!) I seem not to be able to say no and I end up bringing just about everything with me.. it’s lucky then that I actually don’t own a lot of stuff!

To combat this flaw, I am making a list right now of what is actually essential to me. I thought I would share this list with you all: for all those who are interested what I am bringing with me on my travels or what is inside the bag of a yogi/minimalist…



Ok, so I guess clothes are essential.. I am bringing a few t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, swimming stuff and my running gear.

My biggest tip for packing clothes is try to pack less than you think you need, you can always wash stuff more regularly, and if you want to travel light then you don’t need 10000 pairs of everything (I know this is sometimes hard to hear though).


I will be packing a travel yoga mat with me on this trip, it takes up less space, is a lot (!) lighter and works just as well. I like Jade Yoga mats, just because they are eco and also super non-slip.

If you want a cheaper option then I recommend bringing a travel yoga towel with you. It means you can still roll it out and practice anywhere, but it takes up even less space and is also considerably less expensive.


I have found it is super hard to be zero waste when travelling. When I went to Paris last month I was kind of appalled by the amount of plastic me and my boyfriend used. We tried our hardest but still ended up buying plastic bottles everyday.. This is not ok!

I am going to be so much more conscious on this trip. That is why I am packing this hydroflask which is 1l so I will always have enough water with me and won’t have to buy a single bottle…

I am also taking a lunch box and cutlery, so when I eat on the planes, at airports or just out and about, I won’t have to use plastic..


I am vegan and so I love to support ethical, cruelty free companies. My favourite brand is Sukin and I mostly use all of their products.. Here is what I am packing to take with me:

Because of my eczema, these are pretty much the only ‘beauty’ products I use. As moisturiser I use coconut oil and honestly I swear by it.. it smells so so good and people are always asking me why I smell so amazing!

Last year I was at a vegan festival in London and came across georganics toothpaste, I kind of fell in Love.. I will definitely be taking these with me on my travels:


Obviously I can’t go anywhere without my trusted camera. I use the canon g7x mark ii which takes stunning pictures and is also really handy for filming.

I will also be bringing a camera bag to keep it safe and a tripod for when I am taking photos of the stars..


I am obsessed with reading (if you didn’t know that already about me).. last time I went travelling I think I brought about 10 heavy books,, maybe too many but I got through them quickly enough.

This time I am bringing:

And I think this will probably be enough books otherwise my bag is going to weigh 100,000 tonnes…

If you want to discover more of my favourites books, I have a whole list HERE.

Also something else I should probably mention, is that when travelling it can be very efficient to use audible or a kindle because obviously they take up a LOT less space. I have an offer for anyone interested in audible, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and get your first book for free, just click the link below:)


Travel towel of course:

Vegan snacks:

Notebook so that I can journal everyday:

Vegan sunscreen!


Thank you everyone for reading this. I hope it has been helpful/ interesting just to see a few of the things I am bringing with me for 6+ months of travelling.. Of course I will be writing lots and recording lots of podcast episodes to keep you all updated. You can follow my journey on Instagram @rosa_prosser if you wish!

Much love to you all

and always I am forever grateful



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