when I wake up and I don’t feel great.. (how to turn it around)

I woke up this morning not feeling great.

You know when you wake up and your groggy and sluggish, even though you have got a full night of sleep, and you just can’t shake off that feeling of ugh.. 

Well that is exactly how I felt. I needed air. I couldn’t be in my room any longer. I felt like I wanted to escape..

I sat outside on the wet grass. It felt refreshing even though it was cold and my clothes were soaking. I sat there and meditated for half an hour, coming out of my head; finding freedom from the thoughts spinning about in there, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

But it wasn’t enough.

I still had that feeling of ugh after my meditation, it had dimmed but it was still humming quietly in the background and I just couldn’t ignore it.

I have this little list of things that help me when I wake up in a bad state. Meditation is the first thing I do, and next is yoga.

I thought about doing yoga this morning but for some reason I felt so so much resistance too it. I could barely bring myself to do one sun salutation. Maybe it was because I felt sluggish that I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to practice yoga, or maybe it was something entirely different, but I went inside dismissing my practice with the promise of ‘some other time’…

I chatted to my family for a little bit but there was something nagging at the back of my mind. I knew that yoga would make me feel better and shift my mood, so why wasn’t I practicing?

I think sometimes when we feel rubbish we know intuitively what is going to make us feel better, but sometimes that can be a hard decision to make. Instead we turn to chocolate, netflix and whatever else, opting to ignore our bad mood rather than change it.

I completely struggle with this. On a daily basis I have to ignore what my head seems to be craving and instead follow what I know will be nurturing to be body and soul. It isn’t easy. And I will admit that I don’t manage this 100% of the time.

What I have found to be helpful is compromising.. If you know that you want to eat lots of sugary foods because you feel like crap, but actually this ins’t going to make you feel any better, make a compromise with yourself. Try going outside to get some fresh air first, and then eat some chocolate if you still feel like it. Don’t deny yourself what you want, but first see if something else could also work.

I decided to compromise this morning. I challenged myself to 5 sun salutations, that was it. It would take me 5 minutes and not much effort. I could manage it I thought..

I rolled my mat outside on our patio and began practicing. It felt good. As I moved through the sun salutations the stuck energy started to shift inside of me. Before, I had been feeling only resistance, but now I felt some space from that.

After I had finished 5 sun salutations all the resistance had dissipated completely. I wanted more yoga because it was making me feel so good. I did 5 more salutations and then ended up practicing for a full hour, immersed in the flow.

I now feel great. I am sat on the floor typing this and drinking a chocolate maca smoothie, feeling ready for the day. Any resistance I felt before has gone. That feeling of ugh has also gone. I now feel happy.

I think the moral of this story is that you can change your mood around, and sometimes the thing that is going to do that for you is the one thing that you don’t want to do. It seems ironic, but I think it is true. We seem to resist whatever is going to be most helpful to us, I don’t know why..

Another thing that you can take away from this is know what is going to change your mood. I invite you to write a list down right now of everything that makes you feel better; that can put a smile on your face; turn your day around. For me it is always yoga, or some form of movement, but for you it might be different: it might be talking to someone; breathing in fresh air; or taking a bath. Whatever works for you! 

Any time you don’t feel so good, if you wake up in a bad mood or if you are going through a challenging period of your life, you have a list of things that you know are going to make you feel better. They might help you process the negative emotions you are feeling, or they might just put a smile on your face. These are invaluable tools, tools to help you live your best life! 


I hope this has been helpful to you all. You can comment what is on your list, I would love to hear what tools you all have to help you to feel your best self!




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