How To Free Your Life From Problems

Do you ever feel as though you trade problems in your life. You mange to overcome one, only for the next one to appear? Do you wish that one day you could just illuminate all the problems in your life altogether? Do you believe this is possible?

I think a lot of us can feel as though our life can never be free of problems. Others may think that when they reach a goal in the future, then their life will be problem free. We get caught in the trap of thinking that we will be happy when we earn enough money, or when we buy that car. We achieve our goal only to find we still have the same problems in our life as before, they may be dressed a little differently, but essentially they are the same.

The only way to stop this trading of problems problem is to step out of it completely. Get that your life won’t be better in the future, it can only be better right now. Put your attention on the present moment and look right now where you can ease the suffering in your life.

I used to have a lot of problems, but this year they have ceased. I have finally found peace in my life and I am no longer creating pain for myself, I know now that nothing is a problem. Problems are only illusions of the mind.

I have overcome all the suffering in my life by reading. It has opened my eyes to some of the truths of life that I had no idea about. Every single book I have read I am incredibly grateful to the author for shifting my perception and making my life a little bit better.

Here is a list of the books that have helped remove all the problems from my life:

  1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  2. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
  3. Being of Power by Baron Baptiste
  4. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  5. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

I hope you can find the peace that I have come to find. Underneath all your ‘problems’ in life there is total bliss to be found. It is there waiting for you and it is possible. 




Where Does Inspiration Come From?

When I started this blog I had no idea where it was going to lead, to be honest I still don’t but I am ok with that now. When I started I was so worried that one day I would just run out of ideas and my blog would come to a (tragic) end. That hasn’t happened yet and I am so grateful that I am able to use this platform to write everyday.


To my surprise there hasn’t been a single day when I do not have inspiration about what to write. I feel as though the ideas flow through me and there is a constant steam of them. I have tapped into something fundamental in the universe, where there is an infinite supply of creativity, it is in abundance and I feel the power of it and I know it will never run out.


I remember reading Elizabeth Gilbet’s book Big Magic a few years ago. Whilst I found it totally inspiring I didn’t understand what she was talking about when she explained her ‘ideas’ and where they came from. She said that they were almost living, autonomous beings and they picked her. She said that ideas float around and wait for the right person who will be able to manifest them into reality. When they find that person they will appear as a spark of an idea in their brain. If the person decides to follow through with the ‘idea’ they must work with it to achieve the end result. If the person ignores the idea then eventually it will have to move on and find another host.

I finally get what she is saying now. This is what it feels like for me. It feels as though my ideas have ideas of their own, and I am just there following what they say. I cannot help myself. I get caught in the grips of inspiration and I immerse myself in that until the project/ blog post/ painting is finished. I love it. It is what fuels me everyday.

I expected my inspiration to dry up, but it is the opposite. The more inspired I become the more and more ideas I have, so I become even more inspired. It is a snowball, building and building, growing into something huge that I cannot control. That feels so exciting though and I wouldn’t ask to change a thing.


If you lack inspiration I recommend going into nature. Have a few minutes to sit quietly and just appreciate all the inspiration the universe is providing you with, everything is already there in front of your eyes, all you have to do is look. When I feel stuck in my head I will always go for a walk into nature, by the end of it I have so many new ideas and my fingers are itching to get typing, the words will continue to flow.

Exercise is also great for letting inspiration come to you. I find whenever I practice yoga or go for a run, I create space for new creation and I feel fuelled to continue what I am doing.

Finally I want to say that if you have the tiniest idea in the back of your head, something that you may want to create or sounds fun in any way, then jump on that! See where it leads you. It may start as something small but it can quickly turn into something huge and beautiful and you will find more and more inspiration along the way. Don’t let the ideas pass you by, because you might find that one day they move onto someone else… Act Now! 

Give your ideas what they are asking for and let them come into Being. Together you will create something out of this world.


Manifesting Your Dream 2018

2018 is almost upon us and I am already feeling inspired to get clear on what I will be manifesting in the New Year. I don’t know why, but I just love doing this. I love sitting down to write what I want to create and what I want out of life, I always feel so excited for what is ahead!

Any New Year is such a great opportunity to begin again and to get really clear on what we want out of life. It is a reminder that the years pass quickly and we need to make the most out of them, to live our lives to the fullest, while we still can.

To make the most out of 2018 it is a good idea to get really clear on your vision and what you wish to create. That way you will be able to manifest it into your life. Create some space in your life to journal any ideas that come to mind. Write down what you wish your dream 2018 to look like: what do you want to accomplish and achieve? Then go beyond that, how do you want it to feel? What emotions do you want to manifest? Try to use all your senses when you are visualising to make it even more real. Incorporate even the tiniest details that you want to happen, and don’t leave anything out. Get that you are worthy of manifesting absolutely anything for this next year.

Once you have got clear on your vision, this is where the real work begins. If I have a big dream I am manifesting then I like to set a couple of easy steps that I can do everyday to get me closer to what I want. I do this because it makes it seem a lot less daunting, all the little steps add up to something big! Whatever you can do every single day, however small, to get you closer to your dream, DO IT! Life is too short not too.

Meditation is an amazing way to manifest things into your life. When you quiet your mind and release intentions and dreams into the universe, the universe will respond. As long as your heart is in it and it is your divine purpose, then possibilities will arise everywhere and the universe conspires to help you in your journey. 

Another way I use meditation to manifest my dreams is by repeating the mantra It is possible to myself again and again. I repeat this in my head until it becomes a vibration in my soul, until it is fixed completely into my Being. I feel this within me, I feel the excitement bubble and my heart gets that feeling when I know something beautiful is about to happen or is in the process of happening. Every inch of my Self believes. I think that is what’s most important when manifesting a dream. If we do not believe it will ever happen and we think it to be impossible, then it probably won’t happen. We wont have the courage to allow space for it to occur. But when we believe, that is a whole different story… It gives us confidence to go out there and chase it no matter what. And most importantly it gives us patience. Because maybe our dreams won’t happen this year, or the next, but if we continue working towards them, one day we will make it. I have complete faith. The secret is having the patience to keep going no matter what.

2018 is a beautiful opportunity to create the life that you want to be living, to become the person who you want to be, to experience whatever you want to experience. But don’t forget where you are now. Don’t forget to be so grateful for everything you already have in your life and be happy with the Now. If we constantly look to the future we will never experience the present, and then when the future comes and we are suddenly in the midsts of our dream life we won’t be experiencing it, because we will still be looking to the future, looking for more. Be grateful for what is Now, but also what is yet to come.

I want everyone out there to know that It is possible and I believe in you. Have the courage to chase after your dreams and follow your heart, see where it leads you. If you end up back where you started, at least you have learnt something. Maybe that was your path all along..

Have a beautiful New Year everyone,



What Happens When You Share Your SHIT 

I have learnt so many beautiful things from yoga, all of which I can apply to my life. Each of these ‘lessons’ brings a bit of light into my life. I find more understanding and more ease: I can let go of certain things that are not serving me and might life becomes better.

The lesson I want to talk about today is Sharing. I find that a lot of us (me especially) go through life and don’t really share with others what is deep within us. We are constantly hiding a part of our Being. Maybe this is because we are scared to be vulnerable, or we feel that others may not want to hear our darkest stories, but whatever the reason we keep them too ourself.

That becomes a burden. It builds up through the years of our life and becomes a heavy backpack of SHIT. We carry it around and cannot let it go. We do not share our load with others so we are left on our own, feeling isolated, carrying this around.

Let me tell you what happens when we share this shit, our life opens up! By sharing our deepest thoughts or darkest stories with those around us, they can understand us more. We create connection. We stop feeling so isolated and the world opens up to us. Others will be inspired by your stories and want to share as well. You will relate to each other and it forms a bond deeper than our physical reality.

Another magical thing happens when we start to share… we become lighter. Each time we can share a piece of our story or our shit, we let go. The best part is that you have not given it to someone else to carry round for you, they listen and then whatever you told will float off into the universe. Maybe it will take you years of sharing to finally let go of everything, but it is completely worth it.


At my yoga teacher training this weekend a really beautiful and courageous woman stood up and shared her story. It was tough for her, and us in the room listening. She had experiences SO much pain in her life and I think she was still in the process of letting that go. The things she shared were embarrassing to her and definitely not what you want to be telling a group of almost strangers, but she did it anyways.

As she was in the process of sharing you could see her transformation. Her voice became louder and she was growing in confidence by the second. There seemed to be a light around her and you could feel her energy changing. It was beautiful to witness.

By the end of all this most of us were in tears, but we could all relate to her story in some way. It brought each of us in the room closer to her and I was grateful for that. It really inspired me, the level of vulnerability she was able to show. It has inspired me to do the same and really have the courage to completely share everything with the people in my life, however ‘ugly’ it may be.

I am using this as an example because I think we can all learn from this beautiful women. On the other side of sharing and being open with the world is so so much more. 

Do not worry about others judging you or your story. All I can say is that most of them will be inspired. Any who judge are not worth your time, they are just working through their own shit right now and may not be ready to hear yours. But that is OK! Life will always be like that but there will always be someone out there who can listen to you and hold the space.

My heart feels all this right now. I am imagining a world in which we are all vulnerable and all can feel lighter because we have shared our shit. That world looks so much connected and lighter to me. I know that is where we are heading and I am confident that together we can make this revolution happen.

Much love


Let Yourself Be Seen

This weekend has been incredible. I am struggling to find the words to describe it and I think it will probably take a few weeks for this whole experience to sink in. My heart is so full of love and energy right now and I can feel my soul glowing bright.

It was my fourth weekend of yoga teacher training. By this point in the course we have all connected on a deep level and a magical community has begun to blossom. There is so much trust in the group. It is just a really safe place for us all to be ourselves. 

This may sound simple, or even meaningless to some people, but how many areas in your life can you be completely and unapologetically yourself? 

I for one have struggled with this all my life. I have always hidden myself and put forward who I thought others wanted me to be. This left me with no confidence and just confused. I didn’t know who I was because I tried to be so many other people. I also struggled to make connections with others because I was never truly myself.

This is something that I have been working on everyday this year and I have really begun to break through this barrier. Finally in my life I am letting the real be be seen. I am displaying her in all her vulnerability for everyone to see. I am confident now to do this and I know that the real me is the most beautiful and perfect version of myself, this is the only version I need to show the world.

This has been totally scary but I am so grateful to be working through it at the moment. Being able to express myself fully feels bloody amazing! It has had such an impact on my teacher training (and all other areas of my life too!) In the training I feel confident as a teacher and so happy with how I show up because I am showing up as myself. It is as simple as that.


Today we did a really interesting and super intense exercise. I have never done anything like that in my whole life! Basically we were really seeing each other. This meant standing in front of each other and looking deep into their eyes and holding that connection. We did this for an hour.

It brought up a lot of stuff for everything, I think we all agreed it was super hard. I never do that in my daily life. I am so used to talking or physical contact, so to actually just be with someone is very difficult. You have to hold back and it does feel very uncomfortable at the start.

I found it interesting though the more I looked at people. I felt as though I was looking through their physical body and into their soul. I realised that what matters is what is behind their eyes, and that we are all so so similar. A lot more similar than we realise.

We all have shit. We all have problems and worries and life that happens to us. We all have these stories that we tell ourselves. We are all imperfect. We all mess up. But that is what makes us interesting. That is what makes us Human! The sooner we can get past feeling embarrassed about all this stuff and just embrace who we really are, the sooner our lives will become a better place.


I have learnt this weekend that it feels good to let yourself be seen. To be truly seen by others, when they see the real you, that is kind of freeing. The pressure is gone, there is no need to hide. When we can be ourselves then there is absolutely no worry.

I want to live my live expressing who I am because this feels good. I want us all to be able to do this because we are all so beautiful underneath and a lot of us don’t know it. Get vulnerable, because I think that is the only way to understand, and let others know, that we are all the same.

I hope you find a way to fully express who you are in your life. We can then open our lives up to so much more connection and pure beauty. 



Realigning with Authenticity

I strayed from my path, but now I am back.

Some days I lose that connection to my inner self and I feel as though I am slightly lost. I feel as though I am acting out someone else’s life and not doing the things I want to do. That has past though, and I feel like myself again.

Now I am realigning with authenticity and letting that be the soul drive of my life. Whatever direction my spirit wants to go, I will move there with all my heart, however crazy.

I am aligning my mind, body and speech so that they are all coming from the same place. From my deep conscious within. With these aspects of my Being in line I know I will be able to take on anything with ease.

It isn’t always easy being authentic in todays world. Challenges will arise everyday that try to pull us away from our true selves. The distractions of money, acceptance, respect and many others, might draw us into becoming someone who we are not. All I can say to you is to stay strong. Stay on your path and have complete faith in it. The only way you can be of service to the world is by being 100% true to yourself.

I belive in you and so will the world when you let your inner Being shine.



Trusting In The Process Of Things

Yesterday I officially dropped out of university. I signed the form to confirm that I was completely sure, and then let everything go. 

I have been carrying around this weight for 3 months now, ever since I started at uni. It was completely out of alignment with who I was and that began to manifest in my Being. I wasn’t confident and spent my whole time distracted. I started to get drawn further and further away from the person that I strive to be and when I realised this it made me deeply upset.

It has been a tough decision to pull out of university and it has taken a lot of courage. I still have tiny doubts in my mind but I know they are not real. I take my attention off them and I’m putting it onto all the positives in my life. All I need now is trust. 

I know I need to trust in the process of things, trust where life will lead me next. However I am impatient and want to know everything. I want to know where I will end up and what I will be doing next year and if I made the right choice. I am letting go of each of these thoughts because we can never know. All we can do is trust in the process and enjoy the ride. 

Yesterday I was reminded how lucky I am. I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast and he talked about how his journey had taken years and years. He said it took him 7 years from when he quit his job to work out where he was heading. He had doubts and it was a massive struggle, but he made it through and is completely happy with his life now.

I was reminded how lucky I am by this because not everyone has that opportunity to completely change their life around and go following their heart. I am also lucky because I am doing this so young. I am 20 and in the process of following my dreams. This is so exciting for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Any time have doubts because I am not doing the same thing as everyone else, or doing what others think is ‘sensible’, the universe gives me a sign that I am doing the right thing. I have seen 11:11 on my watch now 3 consecutive days in a row. Seeing this is a sign that your dreams are manifesting into reality. I have full trust in this and I feel flickers of excitement spark through me when I think about what this means…

I have said this probably a million times before, but I want to say it again. We only get one life in this body. Just one! The only thing we can be certain of is that some day we will die. That is all we know about the future. Use this fact to free you from whatever is holding you back and live your life before it is up. Seize everyday and go into the world making a difference. Make sure you can look back on everything you did and how you did it and be proud.

I don’t mind what I am remembered for externally: what job I had or how much money I earned. But I want to be remembered for the internal, how I moved through life: with compassion, friendliness, kindness, enthusiasm. These are the things that I am trying to bring more of into my life and I am trusting in the universe to provide the rest, whatever that may be.




You have probably heard of B.K.S Iyengar. He was one of the greatest yoga teachers of the world and played an important role in bringing yoga to the West.


He was born on 14th December 1918, and was not a healthy child. Influenza left him weak and sickly. He suffered from malaria, TB, typhoid fever and general malnutrition throughout his early years. It was through yoga that he managed to turn his life around.

The father of yoga, Krishnamacharya, happened to be Iyengar’s brother-in-law. He recommended that Iyengar take up yoga in order to heal all his health problems. Iyengar, with no other option, agreed and at the age of 15 moved to Mysore to study under this world renowned teacher.

However their relationship didn’t get off to a great start. Krishnamacharya neglected his young brother, predicting that he would not be successful at yoga because he was so sickly. He gave him the household chores to do and didn’t spend much time teaching him. It was only after Krischnamacharya’s star pupil, Keshavamurthy, left, that he started training Iyengar seriously.

3 years later, Iyengar’s health problems had vanished and he began to teach, with the encouragement of his Guru, Krishnamacharya. Iyengar evolved into an amazing teacher and traveled all around the globe bringing yoga into people’s lives.

After a scooter accident which dislocated his spine, Iyengar introduced the use of props into yoga making it even more accessible to people. Now the focus was on making the pose work for you rather than the other way round, which I think has been a revolutionary thing in yoga.

Iyengar has proven with his own life, how anyone and everyone can practice yoga, however fit or flexible you are. He has shown the possibility of yoga transforming your life physically and all the positive impacts it can have on health problems. Even in his 90s Iyengar continued to practice 3 hours of asanas everyday, which is absolutely crazy!

He really is such an influential character and can be an inspiration to us all. His devotion to yoga and humanity is astounding. I think we can all learn something from him and the life he lead.

I have read Light on Yoga and Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Both are really good books and helpful to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. They explain the physical aspects of yoga, the asana, and then go much much deeper than that. They outline ways that we can lead a better life: more spiritual, with more kindness and love. Even if we just took one thing away from these books it would make us a much better and kinder person. Reading their books in the entirety will put you on the path to reaching your highest self and enlightenment. 

I would definitely recommend reading them over Christmas and exploring the life of this amazing yogi!



Other books:
Light on Life
Light on Pranayama
The Tree of Yoga
Core of the Yoga Sutras
Yoga- The Path to Holistic Health


So a major aspect of Christmas is giving gifts right? We give presents to everyone important in our life and this is a way of showing our gratitude. I love giving gifts at Christmas and it makes me so happy to be able to give someone an item that they really love and can appreciate.

However what if you don’t want to be a consumer over Christmas? Is it possible to appreciate and enjoy Christmas without getting sucked into our materialistic society?

This is something I have been thinking a lot about this year. I have stopped buying anything really for myself and I really want to keep what I own to a minimum. I do still want to buy things for my family, but I want to stay a minimalist and non-consumer whilst I am doing this.

So how exactly do you stay a minimalist over Christmas? Well my answer to this is by buying people something small, yet meaningful, and that will add something to their life. Whether that is learning something from a book or it being a really useful item. If your gift improves the quality of someone’s life somehow then that is a minimalist gift. It must bring them JOY.  

I have got together a list of presents that I think all people will love and they will have a positive impact on their life! They are also good for the environment so you can help the planet this Christmas as well. It is win win WIN.


Ok everyone loves books. But I think we don’t read enough books in this day and age. We are constantly on our phones and screens, these are our main entertainment now and that is so sad. So this year let’s all go back to basics and read again!

These are my favourite fiction books, for people who love a good novel:

If you love yoga then I find these books so inspirational:


Spiritual books to open someone’s mind and really change their life:


Healthy cook books because everyone loves a good recipe book and you can encourage your loved ones to eat more vegan over the holidays:

If you want more book recommendations then I would definitely check out my resources page. There I have all my favourite books that have had such a positive impact on my life.

Or if you don’t want to buy someone a physical/material book then an Audible subscription is perfect because it is so good for the environment because you are not buying any objects! Both me and my boyfriend are currently obsessed with Audible! I love listening to a book whilst baking, it’s my ideal afternoon…


Stocking presents are great, we all love opening our stocking on Christmas. Yet often they can be the kind of presents that just clutter up your house. If you want to give minimalist stocking presents then I would recommend making sure that they are (1) environmentally friendly and (2) useful!

Here are some ideas and what I am buying my family this year:


If you want to get someone something that they will use everyday and isn’t physical, then you could get them a subscription to Yoga Girl’s oneoeight which is an online yoga platform. I love it and it is a great way to get someone introduced to yoga in the comfort of their own home.


Finally getting something second hand is a really good option, because you aren’t consuming anything new, yet you are still giving that person a really good quality gift and it is great for the environment.. You can check out these refurbished electronics on Amazon for some ideas or go to your local charity shop!


Ok so I hope everyone has a great Christmas and really enjoys the season. Use it as a time to get grateful and give back to everyone around you, thus manifesting positive things for the New Year to come and spreading the LOVE! 

Love you all.


Finding Happiness

I realised this morning, when I was sat in my meditation, that something might be missing.. I have always been searching for that final piece to my life that will make it shine.

But then I had an even deeper realisation… That you have to find whatever you are searching for in this moment, and nowhere else. 

If I go on searching for this ‘thing’ I am looking for in strange places I will never find it. I have gone to the opposite side of the world and still came back as though I am missing something. This nagging feeling has not left me, however much I do and experience.

That is because I have been so so wrong. I can happily admit that now I have seen the truth. I have been looking everywhere else but the one place it is: myself. 

The only place I will find what I am looking for is in this exact moment right now, right here. Because I now know where it is. It is deep inside of me and all I have to do is look. To find this final piece of happiness I search for is easy, all I have to do is look within.


Because we are born with it and it is our natural state. Maybe we have been told otherwise but this is a lie. When you remove all the obstacles all that is left is pure bliss. This happiness we experience when we are so grounded in the moment and all we feel is what is true.


I may not have found 100% of my happiness now, but at least I know where to look. I will strip back every layer until I am left with my pure essence. I will do it in this moment. I will not and can not wait. It is here for me now and I am ready to take it.