“The only place we can be happy is Right Now.” Hi guys, I have just recorded another episode of The In Alignment Podcast and I wanted to share it with you all. If you are interested in listing to my podcast you can check it out on iTunes or Soundcloud. I appreciate all the support […]

Did you know that 1 in 6 adults have a common mental health disorder … I personally have struggled with multiple mental health issues and I know many others who have as well. This is a common thing. Yet why is it not talked about?   This week on The In Alignment Podcast I am talking all […]

This week on the In Alignment Podcast I am sharing a realisation I had during my meditation practice. You can listen to my podcast HERE on iTunes or HERE on Soundcloud. And I want to say that I am super grateful to everyone who listens, the support is much appreciated! I speak about how I […]

… so the most important thing to do is to come back to why we do what we do in the first place. If you love what you are creating then success will follow naturally.  and the answer is never NO, sometimes it might just be ‘not now’, but it is never a no.  we all have something […]

I will be completely honest with you guys, these past couple of weeks haven’t been easy for me. I have been plagued with doubts and anxious thoughts; in the process forgetting who I am. I don’t know why I have felt like this, but I have been feeling completely meaningless and wanting to know for sure what […]

DID YOU KNOW…  Every single piece of plastic ever made, still exists on the earth today.  When I heard that fact it blew my mind. That is why, this week on The In Alignment Podcast I am speaking all about zero waste, specifically plastic and what we can do to help! You can listen to the podcast […]

Hello guys, this week on my podcast I am speaking about judging others and how not to care what others think of you. You can listen to the podcast HERE on Soundcloud and HERE on iTunes. This is an important topic for me. For so long I allowed other’s opinions to get in my head […]

Recently I shared a blog post called you’ve got to let go.  This was very personal to me, something that I felt was deeply impacting my life, changing its course, and helping me to grow. The words “you’ve got to let go” have been bouncing around my head all of this week. There are echoing, fading, yet […]

I wanted to talk about being introverted, because it is something that I feel we don’t often  discuss. Many times in my life I have felt ashamed or frustrated that I am introverted, and wished that I could be different. But through learning to accept who I am I have been able to deal with […]