“The only place we can be happy is Right Now.” Hi guys, I have just recorded another episode of The In Alignment Podcast and I wanted to share it with you all. If you are interested in listing to my podcast you can check it out on iTunes or Soundcloud. I appreciate all the support […]

What does vulnerability mean to you? I have been thinking a lot more about vulnerability since I started practicing yoga, before then I don’t think I had even gave it a second thought. Vulnerability.. It really isn’t something we are encouraged to practice, we never speak about this word, and yet it is where all the joy and connection in life […]

Today, I don’t know why, I felt so much resistance. Resistance to the present moment, resistance to life and to everything that was going on. This made me feel shit. I couldn’t help listening to the negative thoughts in my head, I felt down, unmotivated and completely tired. For the first time in so long […]

Sometimes in my life, I feel as though everything is too good to be true. Instead of enjoying the present moment and all it has to offer, I allow anxious thoughts about the future to creep in and I can’t help thinking that surely something bad is going to happen, because life can’t stay this […]

Last night my head was spinning with ‘what if’s’ .. What if my book doesn’t get published?  What if I don’t make it as a yoga teacher?  What if I get bored of what I am doing right now?  As I wrote these down in my journal I started to feel empowered. I could see on […]

This weekend has been incredible. I am struggling to find the words to describe it and I think it will probably take a few weeks for this whole experience to sink in. My heart is so full of love and energy right now and I can feel my soul glowing bright. It was my fourth […]

I am writing this post today as a reminder for myself. There is absolutely no rush whatsoever in life. Like Gandhi said: There is more to life than increasing its speed.  I need to remember this. I am writing this because I haven’t been enjoying the degree I have been studying the past two months. […]

Recently I have been meditating on my heart chakra. I am not entirely sure what this means but I am receiving a lot of love in my life right now. I think it is because I have opened and unblocked my heart chakra, allowing the energy to flow through. This means I am giving out […]