I do yoga everyday. This means that I tend to get through a lot of yoga pants. For the past year I have only owned 3 pairs of yoga leggings, and because I have been washing these so much and wearing them constantly (even when I am not doing yoga) they are kind of ready to be […]

Today, I don’t know why, I felt so much resistance. Resistance to the present moment, resistance to life and to everything that was going on. This made me feel shit. I couldn’t help listening to the negative thoughts in my head, I felt down, unmotivated and completely tired. For the first time in so long […]

I have my next yoga teacher training this weekend so that means I need fuel! I spent this afternoon searching through my cupboard for any ingredients to bake something and I came up with these oat bars (they’re pretty good!) Ingredients:  1 1/2 cups of muesli 1/4 cup chia seeds 1/4 cup flaxseeds 1/4 cup date syrup […]

This morning I have learnt, yet again, another invaluable lesson from my yoga practice… I had a rubbish night last night. I woke up at 3am terrified from a vivid nightmare about death. I lay in my bed with a strong uneasy feeling, too scared to move. I don’t often have ominous dreams so this […]

Yesterday I wrote a post all about ‘new beginnings.’ I have been thinking about what yoga would be best suited to accompany the new chapter in your life. I have came up with the perfect sequence that I want to share with you all… So yoga is great because it moves energy. Sometimes we feel stuck […]

Staying safe in yoga is so so important. When I first started practicing yoga at home 5 years ago I totally over did it and ended up with a very painful back. Read about my yoga journey here. Many people are reluctant about starting yoga because they fear that it is dangerous and they will […]

You are only as strong as your core  This statement is especially true in yoga. A strong abdominal core is needed to protect your lower back from injury and it stabilises you in every pose. The stronger your core then the stronger, more controlled and safer your asana practice will be. In yoga, when you […]