Your path is a daily practice, not daily perfection.  I want to talk a little bit about this quote today.. the idea that our lives are a practice and not perfection.  How many of us make mistakes in life? I think we can all agree that everyone does, it is completely natural and completely human. But the real […]

When I first read Baron Baptiste’s book Being of Power, he said that he thought growth was the meaning of life. I had a hard time comprehending this. Firstly I thought that my life was brilliant and I didn’t know why I would want to grow anymore, I thought I was happy where I was […]

Last night when I was meditating it occurred to me that I do not have a good relationship with money. When I think about money I get this stressy feeling in my chest. Is this normal? I realised that all my life money has been a very negative topic for me. When I don’t have […]

We are all warriors already. I think before I go any further I should define what I mean by a ‘warrior’. I do not mean someone who goes into battles and fights. I am talking about a person who is empowered and strong and powerful yet also peaceful and kind. This is the true warrior, […]

This week I am absolutely obsessed with Wheel pose so I have decided it will be my pose of the week. URDHVA DHANURASANA is the sanskrit name for wheel. It literally translates to ‘upward bow’. Wheel is such an amazing backbend and it is actually one of the most powerful poses in yoga altogether! When […]

Gratitude is an immensely powerful thing. Once you start feeling it and actively searching for it, it changes the chemistry in your brain. This completely changes your perspective on life and suddenly your life seems brighter and more meaningful. This is co easily accomplished by looking for the good things rather than focusing on the […]

Meditating every day is so so important in order to live a healthy and happy life. There are endless studies out there showing how meditation and mindfulness can have a positive impact on our daily lives. These include: Helps reduce stress and anxiety Improved sleep More productive throughout the day Higher concentration levels Improves digestion […]