We all have these limiting beliefs, thoughts that spin through our mind and hold us back in life. It is important to realise that these things are not true and we do not have to listen to what they say. If we do not like something that our thoughts are telling us and if those […]

In this episode of The In Alignment Podcast I discuss everything to do with MONEY… You can listen on iTunes HERE or Soundcloud HERE. I answer questions such as IS MONEY BAD? HOW IS WANTING MORE MONEY A GOOD THING? HOW CAN WE MANIFEST MORE MONEY INTO OUR LIVES? I begin this episode talking about […]

Money is such a controversial topic. I feel as though it is something we are all thinking about but no one is discussing… This week I have had a bit of a revelation surrounding money. I realised that it is ok to want money, and it is ok to pursue money. This completely doesn’t make you a bad person […]

This morning whilst I was in meditation I realised that we are all constantly talking to ourselves. This may sound a little crazy I know, but if you listen to the thoughts in your head I think you will find exactly the same thing. Our thoughts are like a running commentary of speech; never ceasing; […]

So it snowed today in London. It was magic. I sat at work looking out of the window watching the snow fall. It was so beautiful. I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a child and it made me so nostalgic for my childhood. The excitement of having snow and then being sent […]

I forgot how much I loved music. I spent the whole of yesterday evening just listening to good music which made me feel so inspired for the rest of my life. I realised that music has power. One song has the potential to completely change our mood around, almost to change our life. Maybe it […]

I have just recently realised that everything that I didn’t want to be when I was younger, I have turned into that now.. It is like a weird joke but I love it. For example, dropping out of uni. I used to be so closed minded and judgemental about people who dropped out of university and I […]