This story begins with a pigeon. Actually it begins with two pigeons, or were there three? Come to think of it I can’t really remember but I don’t think the number of pigeons is important here. I was cycling home from work and I saw these pigeons on the side of the road. They were […]

Today I want to talk a little bit about words… I have been reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and everything she has said so far has got me thinking- thinking more about myself and about life. One thing she said that particularly stuck with me is that everything and everyone has a word..  She […]

My heart is calling out for an adventure at the moment. I have been in London since January last year and now I feel restless. Sometimes I even feel as though I am stuck. I want to go and travel the world and gain new experiences and have an adventure. Is this naive of me? to think […]

It has been snowing in London this week and that calls for hearty, thick soup! I love soup and it makes me so nostalgic, when I was a child we used to have homemade soup every weekend and so this recipe totally reminds me of my childhood and days spent playing outdoors in the snow. […]

I have learnt that sometimes it is best to live our life by taking each day as it comes… This advise is coming to you from someone who loves to plan, trust me I am usually in my head getting excited about some fantasy in the far off future.. Even though this is positive it […]

So it snowed today in London. It was magic. I sat at work looking out of the window watching the snow fall. It was so beautiful. I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a child and it made me so nostalgic for my childhood. The excitement of having snow and then being sent […]

I have just recently realised that everything that I didn’t want to be when I was younger, I have turned into that now.. It is like a weird joke but I love it. For example, dropping out of uni. I used to be so closed minded and judgemental about people who dropped out of university and I […]

Does anyone else feel as though this month has gone insanely quickly, or is it just me? I think I feel like this every month though, my life is fast and I love it, but I am remembering to take time to enjoy every moment and slow down.  Today my favourite part of my day was […]

I honoured myself today with a tattoo. For so long I have been afraid of doing things for myself, fearing that I would seem selfish and fearing that I was unworthy of love. I have been overcoming that fear step by step this year. Today as a spontaneous gift to myself I got a tattoo. […]