Creativity is such an important part of my life. I find that when we are creative, and creating, we are in flow. We are connected to ourselves, to the universe around us and to all the abundant energy. We can restore ourselves and bring something truly amazing into the world by taking time to allow our creativity […]

I am starting writing now and I don’t know what I am going to write.. I have no agenda today, I am simply going to start typing and see what words wish to come out of me.. Usually I have already thought up a title, a theme, a topic, for when I write a blog […]

My meditation has been constantly evolving and I find it changes with the seasons to create the space that I need on that day. Today I sat there and repeated this one mantra to myself: It is possible.  This meditation has changed my perspective over the past week I have been doing it and I […]

I do not long for where I am not, I appreciate where I am. I am back in the countryside visiting my parents, after living in London since January. When I am in London I find myself longing to be in the countryside, in nature, surrounded by green. I was so excited to go home […]

This morning whilst I was meditating I said this prayer, and I thought I would share it with you all. Dear Universe, I offer a prayer to you this cold Monday morning. I pray that everyone out there who is suffering find light. I pray for everyone suffering and everyone that has ever suffered. I […]

Today I am acceptance. I am accepting every moment that is presented to me, every moment I find myself in. I am acceptance and with that acceptance comes responsibility. I am responsible for the moment that I am in after I have chosen to accept it. That means I have the power to change it, […]