As I think I have already said, I am obsessed with affirmations at the moment. Really. They have changed my life. Something that I have been using them specifically for is to manifest abundance into my life. After reading Jen Sincero’s amazing book YOU ARE A BADASS I realised that I wanted to live in abundance, and I realised […]

Creativity is such an important part of my life. I find that when we are creative, and creating, we are in flow. We are connected to ourselves, to the universe around us and to all the abundant energy. We can restore ourselves and bring something truly amazing into the world by taking time to allow our creativity […]

I have been setting morning intentions everyday and it really has changed my life. I feel as though I am living each day to its fullest fullest potential and really making the most of every single second. Purely by visualising the day ahead and how it is going to look and feel I am able […]

In this episode of The In Alignment Podcast I discuss everything to do with MONEY… You can listen on iTunes HERE or Soundcloud HERE. I answer questions such as IS MONEY BAD? HOW IS WANTING MORE MONEY A GOOD THING? HOW CAN WE MANIFEST MORE MONEY INTO OUR LIVES? I begin this episode talking about […]

Money is such a controversial topic. I feel as though it is something we are all thinking about but no one is discussing… This week I have had a bit of a revelation surrounding money. I realised that it is ok to want money, and it is ok to pursue money. This completely doesn’t make you a bad person […]