I forgot how much I loved music. I spent the whole of yesterday evening just listening to good music which made me feel so inspired for the rest of my life. I realised that music has power. One song has the potential to completely change our mood around, almost to change our life. Maybe it […]

Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is described sometimes as the hardest pose and sometimes as people’s favourite pose. I wonder why that is. The essence of savasana summed up by Baron Baptiste is: Here is where it is.  Now is when it is.  You are what it is.  Savasana is what all the asanas […]

You are awakening out of the dream of time into the present -Eckhart Tolle Yesterday when we were on the plane travelling to Aruba I used the clouds for my meditation. This felt like I was awakening out of a dream. Often looking at the clouds can feel as though you are in a dream, but […]

Forget the HOW. ‘How‘ is unimportant. If we spend our lives focusing on how to do things or how something will happen, then it probably won’t end up happening. We get stuck worrying and focusing on all these minuscule details that do not matter!  Sometimes if we just take that leap of faith and do something we can work out the […]

Yesterday I wrote a post all about ‘new beginnings.’ I have been thinking about what yoga would be best suited to accompany the new chapter in your life. I have came up with the perfect sequence that I want to share with you all… So yoga is great because it moves energy. Sometimes we feel stuck […]

Staying safe in yoga is so so important. When I first started practicing yoga at home 5 years ago I totally over did it and ended up with a very painful back. Read about my yoga journey here. Many people are reluctant about starting yoga because they fear that it is dangerous and they will […]

Yoga in sanskrit means UNION. We can translate this to mean many things. The union between mind and body; between breath and movement; between our mind and soul. For me personally yoga is the union between truth (satya) and life (jivana). I would like to share a quote with you from the book Journey into […]