Recently I have been obsessed with Oprah’s SuperSoul Podcast. Maybe I have mentioned this before, but honestly I am kind of in love with her- if I ever need something to inspire and uplift me I just turn on a random episode and it always always does the trick. Yesterday I was on a 3 hour train […]

It is the tiny moments in life when the world seems to stop still and the moment feels eternal.       Looking out of the window tonight the sky was so beautiful it made me think that I don’t want to miss any of these moments. I only have one month left in London […]

We all have these limiting beliefs, thoughts that spin through our mind and hold us back in life. It is important to realise that these things are not true and we do not have to listen to what they say. If we do not like something that our thoughts are telling us and if those […]

Last night my head was spinning with ‘what if’s’ .. What if my book doesn’t get published?  What if I don’t make it as a yoga teacher?  What if I get bored of what I am doing right now?  As I wrote these down in my journal I started to feel empowered. I could see on […]

I was reminded this morning of a book by Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now. I had read it a while ago but I hadn’t really thought about it since.. I was sat in my meditation, observing everything that I was feeling. I felt very conflicted. For a while now it has been weighing on […]