The other night I did a ‘ritual flow’ yoga class at Island Yoga. This consisted of everyone starting in a circle at the beginning and picking reading cards out of the deck. The card I chose said ‘honour your sensitivity’. At the time I didn’t really understand how the card applied to my life and […]

Forget the HOW. ‘How‘ is unimportant. If we spend our lives focusing on how to do things or how something will happen, then it probably won’t end up happening. We get stuck worrying and focusing on all these minuscule details that do not matter!  Sometimes if we just take that leap of faith and do something we can work out the […]

Recently I have been feeling more and more inspired everyday. Everywhere I look there is new inspiration. I receive the gifts from the universe: the beauty in nature or the sound of the wind. This all inspires me to create, it gives me ideas and excites my soul. The people in my life are also […]

I don’t think if I will ever find the words to express how I am feeling right now. I am so completely high on life. I feel so amazingly happy that I am trying hard not to cry. This feeling is accompanied by the greatest gratitude to the universe, excitement and trust. I feel this […]