So the story behind this granola starts with bananas, specifically ripe bananas.. (a hard thing to come across if you live in the UK and eat as many bananas as I do!) .. anyways, for the first time probably ever in my life I had too many ripe bananas and I was thinking what to do with […]

Yesterday I got back from a 10 day Vipassana course. 10 days of complete silence. 10 days of meditating 11 hours a day. 10 days to be alone with my thoughts.. I think before I go any further I should probably clarify what exactly is a vipassana.. I know before I had done this course I had […]

I do yoga everyday. This means that I tend to get through a lot of yoga pants. For the past year I have only owned 3 pairs of yoga leggings, and because I have been washing these so much and wearing them constantly (even when I am not doing yoga) they are kind of ready to be […]

I have never had vegan blondies before, but today I wanted to experiment with something a little different. I have many ‘go to’ sweet recipes such as my chocolate beetroot cookies or classic cookies (can you tell I am a cookie sort of person… ) but today I definitely felt like trying something new. This […]

Today, I invite you all to join me in saying a self love affirmation to yourself. Today the affirmation I have chosen is: I am beautiful  This is what I need to hear right now and I will be repeating it to myself internally throughout the day. Maybe you want to join me in saying […]

Today, I don’t know why, I felt so much resistance. Resistance to the present moment, resistance to life and to everything that was going on. This made me feel shit. I couldn’t help listening to the negative thoughts in my head, I felt down, unmotivated and completely tired. For the first time in so long […]